Studio Closing

Magical Yoga has always had wings. From the moment I named it, before the studio was even a sparkle in my eye, I had a vision of flying around the world in a vehicle of transformation. That’s what Magical Yoga is, as all who’ve come to experience it surely know.

Now, it’s time to stretch those wings. At the end of October, the Magical Yoga studio will close its doors. New windows of opportunity are already open, and we are ready to fly!

We’ll be having a party (keep your eyes open for news of that) to honor the space and all who’ve made it their own; at that final shindig, Rachel and I will announce where and when you can find us out there in the wide open air.

Too many spirits have filled the studio with love and light for me to list here. So I offer my gratitude as a blanket today and will name you in the coming weeks, specifically, to reflect the light you’ve given me.

I’ll begin to address some of what I anticipate will be FAQs in the thread below. This is a good thing. We are free and happy. We love you all. Thank you for making dreams come true.

Thank you for sharing your practice, Namaste. ❤️

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