Teaching Like the Ancients

This thing I’m doing, this program I’m creating . . . there’s something so special about it. I can’t quite explain why, but I know it will be my only one – at least for many years.
I have learned so much, pushed myself so far, for the last two years to get to this place. I’ve leaped into the unknown, pushed my boundaries, given up what seems like
to get to this point. Spirit calls to me, the Goddesses show up, and I answer. They say “go there, do this, trust us,” and I do, even though I can’t see what they see.
My Yoga Teacher Training is the next thing they’ve asked me to do. It’s been a whirlwind, closing shop and finding a new home for this thing. But I trusted. And it came together.
“You’re going to teach in a new way – well, an old way – like the Ancients . . .” Kelly said to me when she brought me in to talk about this co-creation. She said it’s time, it’s important, and it will change lives.
It’s not even about ME. It’s about becoming, rising up, together. It’s about ascending, transforming, creating the world we desire.
When I started conceptualizing this, the first thing I knew was that I had to reach out to other teachers. My first affirmation was the resounding YES! they all gave me. Asa Dustin, with all his guru-energy, said yes. Katie O’Connell, the pillar she is, said yes. Kelly said yes, before she even knew what I wanted.
Who is yet to come, I do not know. I feel you – I feel your gaze, hear your heart beating with passion for this thing we can’t describe. I see us, together, sitting in a circle and unfolding together. Your spirit calls to me, and I am here to say YES! back to you a thousand times.
It’s a huge commitment for us all, I know.
“Tell me – what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” – Mary Oliver
Yes. That.
Whatever your heart wants, you deserve. 💖

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