Magical Yoga is a travelling one-woman studio offering a menagerie of services.   An eclectic community of teachers, healers, intuitives, and artists of various disciplines make for an exciting and ever-changing landscape of collaboration.  Meet some of us below!

Brittany | Owner | Magical Yogi | Intuitive | Author


Magic is real, and it’s everything. Einstein said, “everything is energy;” what if magic is energy? Or, rather, what if “magic” is the way that energy interacts with itself, and our intrinsic ability to influence these interactions?

This is the foundation of Brittany’s philosophy and the basis of her whimsical, intelligent, and spiritual teaching style.

In addition to owning Magical Yoga in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Brittany Boles is an intuitive, yoga teacher, reiki master, author, and inspirational speaker who has been leading groups and mentoring individuals since 2012.

Her message to the world is clear: we are powerful and loving, and together we are creating a new reality. Her idealism has been honed in the fire of trauma and tragedy; Brittany’s early life included homelessness, all forms of abuse, addiction, and mental illness. Yet, throughout it all, she developed her own personal power and sought a path of ancient spiritual truth.

Her yoga teacher training (after ten years of personal practice) confirmed yoga as a vehicle for unlocking the potential of the human spirit.  Yoga is the seat of meditation, and it is here that one has access to the Higher Self and pure potentiality of the universe.

From founding an international nonprofit organization to partnering with New Hampshire schools, Brittany has cultivated compassion, inspiration, and healing throughout her professional life. Yoga club, art festivals, publishing her first book, and women’s empowerment are just a few of her current passion projects.

A powerful personal story and vast life experience make for a perspective that is all Brittany; with honesty, empathy, and an unapologetic commitment to the idea that we get to create our own story, she leads by example.

Learn more about Brittany on her website!

Rachel | Buti Yoga Teacher | “I am the only me in this life!”

I discovered my love for yoga in 2016. I started taking different classes for a variety of styles of yoga, trying to find the right fit for me. In August, I fell in love with Buti Yoga and spent the next 10 months practicing at home, following dvds, free flowing to my own music, and occasionally driving 2 or 3 hours for a live class.

At one of these live classes, the instructor told me I should just get certified and bring Buti to the Lakes Region. I thought she was crazy! Me? An instructor? But I craved the community aspect, the live class energy. So I went for it.

Training only deepened my passion for this practice and showed me how capable I really am.  Buti Yoga is so satisfying for the body and the soul. It is a moment to be wild and free, to be strong and sexy. I am so excited to share this practice and help others fall in love with themselves.

I am a believer in doing what makes you happy in life, taking time for yourself to release and restore. And I am a BIG time support of loving yourself and your body, for who you are today. Be yourself, it’s the best you you can be, and the only you you get to be.

Jennifer Murphy | Registered Yoga Teacher | School Counselor | Ashtanga-Lover

Jen has been teaching yoga in this studio since 2013, first under Stacey and then as Moondala Yoga with Michelle, and is continuing the tradition.  Jennifer started her journey with yoga in 1998 at O2 Yoga in Portsmouth, NH under the instruction of Mimi Loureiro. Here, she was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga, which is based on the eight-limbed path of Patanjali. This philosophy incorporates poses (asanas), ethical standards, self-discipline, breath, withdrawal of the senses, and concentration while bringing awareness of these ideas into your daily life off the mat. In the spring of 2009, she took her first Forrest Yoga class with Stacey Gibbons at Earth and Sky Yoga. In 2012, Jennifer graduated from the 200-hour Yoga New Hampshire Teacher Training Program through the Living Yoga Studio in Concord, NH, under instructor Maureen Miller. She enjoys the benefits and challenges of practicing Ashtanga Yoga. As a school counselor, Jennifer’s days are spent attending to the needs to others; a work that is satisfying, yet can be profoundly draining. Yoga not only bestows a sense of physical well being, but restores her to a sense of groundinadsfhadslfikjg and connectedness.   Jennifer lives in Effingham, NH with her husband Tom, and two four-legged children.

 Nic DePamphilis | Resident Artist

Nic paints from a place of spiritual connectedness; his work is channeled energy. Find Nic at the Wolfeboro Arts Festival all summer long or view his gallery on the Magical Yoga walls.

 Deborah Harkins | Yoga Teacher | Massage Therapist | Anatomy Enthusiast | Bride

“Become the master of your own starship!” – Deb, on what yoga teaches us

“Yoga shouldn’t hurt.  I’m not here to hurt you!”  – also Deb, on yoga and massaging

Deborah Harkins, LMT, RYT is a 2014 graduate of Rasamaya teacher training, under Carrie Tyler and Brie Burbank. Rasamaya is a heavily anatomy based yoga practice for everyone! She is also a massage therapist of 8 years, which brings a deep compassion and understanding of human anatomy which helps to keep her students without injury. She has experience teaching yoga to all ages and abilities, and is a devoted practitioner of yoga for many years!