Magical Yoga is a travelling one-woman studio offering yoga and mindfulness to schools, corporations, and individuals.

Brittany | Owner | Magical Yogi | Speaker | Author | Teacher


Brittany Boles is a certified experienced, professional yoga teacher, reiki master, author, and inspirational speaker who has been leading groups and mentoring individuals since 2012. She has worked with hundreds of people individually and in groups throughout New Hampshire and beyond.

She founded and ran the Magical Yoga Studio on Lake Winnipesaukee for two years before refocusing on her original passion to bring yoga & mindfulness out into the world. She has worked with over a dozen schools locally, with organizations and corporations across the state, and as an international empowerment ambassador.

A powerful personal story and vast life experience make for a perspective that is all Brittany; with honesty, empathy, and an unapologetic commitment to the idea that we get to create our own story, she leads by example.

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Yoga is More than Movement

Yoga is an 8-fold path to inner peace. Brittany brings teachings from all limbs into her programs. Though we often think of yoga as “poses,” this is only the third of eight practices:

ONE: Yamas – Ethics & Integrity
1. Ahimsa – non-violence, harmlessness, kindness
2. Satya – truthfulness, honesty, vulnerability
3. Asteya – non-stealing, taking only what we need, generosity
4. Brahmacharya – conservation of energy, self-control
5. Aparigraha – non-possessiveness, non-attachment

TWO: NiYamas – Self-Discipline & Self-Study
1. Saucha – cleanliness, purity, simplification
2. Samtosa – contentment, appreciation
3. Tapas – fiery devotion, discipline, passion
4. Svadhyaya – study of: self, philosophy, and inspiration
5. Isvara Pranidhana – acknowledgement of greater forces

THREE: Asana – Poses, Movement, Flow (Physical Practice)}

FOUR: Pranayama – Breath Control & Energy Control (“Prana” means “life force energy”)

FIVE: Pratyahara – Withdrawal of Senses & Detaching from Distractions

SIX: Dharana – Concentration & Total Focus

SEVEN: Dhyana – Meditation & Heightened Awareness

EIGHT: Samadhi – Liberation & Enlightenment