Magick (Ask a Witch) Press Release

Witchcraft has been hunted and persecuted throughout history, but ancient secrets survived the fires. On Friday, February 16th at 6:30pm, a panel of witches will share these secrets with the public at the second of a five-part metaphysical discussion panel series at Magical Yoga in Wolfeboro. “Discussion panels are so ‘Wolfeboro,’” Brittany Dube, the owner … Continue reading Magick (Ask a Witch) Press Release

Men Who Want to F Themselves

In a time of reckoning and revolution, I find myself at peace. Earlier, I made a video with the “unpopular social opinion” that I love men. All men. Tuesday night’s Men’s Yoga (women welcome) class is growing. These guys come week after week with open hearts and minds, seeking safe space for their expansion and … Continue reading Men Who Want to F Themselves

Surrendering to God

What does it say that when I decide to teach Ishvara Pranhidana, surrender to God, that I rub up against a deeply angry feeling of abandonment . . . and a lusty longing for passion? Songs run through my playlist without the worshipping lull of glory, but with electric guitars, heavy riffs, and wailing … Continue reading Surrendering to God

Spiritual BS

“Spiritual Bypassing” - what is it, and what is it not? It means something akin to pretentious self-righteousness to the point of willful ignorance and/or unhealthy selfishness.  A psychologist coined the term in the 1980s referring to the use of spiritual practices and beliefs to sidestep uncomfortable feelings and avoid authentic, vulnerable connection.  Harsh, right? … Continue reading Spiritual BS