Wide Awake & Dreaming

Woah.  Where did 7 weeks go? I've been cleansing for 49 days:  no alcohol, caffeine, processed sugar, dairy, eggs, or meat. An entire summer without cold, salty margaritas or creamy iced coffees.  Meeting friends at the beach with a jug of water and a jar of bush tea instead of Riesling and IPA.  Oatmeal and … Continue reading Wide Awake & Dreaming

Week One – Detoxifying Foods

Nearly a week into the Consciousness Cleanse, I find that I am – as one of my favorite authors, the esteemed Dr. Seuss, would say – un-slumping myself (which is not easily done).  This morning I awoke with a bit of natural pep in my step and the notable absence of groggy-I-need-coffee-fog. I’ve been detoxing.  … Continue reading Week One – Detoxifying Foods

Consciousness Cleanse

In order to purify and elevate my consciousness, equipping me to journey more deeply inside myself, I am about to embark on 49 days - 7 weeks - of: absolutely no Caffeine, Alcohol, Processed Sugar, or Dairy, vastly limited screen time, a whole lot of Yoga, Meditation, Writing, Mindfulness, Nature, and Family, plus Whole foods and Blue-green … Continue reading Consciousness Cleanse