Didge You Know? Sound is Healing! (Press Release)

Sound healing is a thing. In fact, the didgeridoo is an ancient musical instrument and powerful tool that produces a broad range of sound frequencies proven to effect – and even aid in healing – the human body and psyche. On Sunday, March 25th, from 1-3:00 PM at Magical Yoga, internationally-renowned Didgeridoo Sound Therapist Joseph … Continue reading Didge You Know? Sound is Healing! (Press Release)

Extra Terrestrials Panel – Press Release

An extra-terrestrial discussion panel happens at Magical Yoga in downtown Wolfeboro on Friday the 16th at 6:30 pm. Studio owner Brittany Boles has developed a series of Metaphysical Discussion Panels, in which this is the third topic. “The public seems really interested in these things,” Brittany said of the series. “I think Wolfeboro is a microcosm … Continue reading Extra Terrestrials Panel – Press Release

Magick (Ask a Witch) Press Release

Witchcraft has been hunted and persecuted throughout history, but ancient secrets survived the fires. On Friday, February 16th at 6:30pm, a panel of witches will share these secrets with the public at the second of a five-part metaphysical discussion panel series at Magical Yoga in Wolfeboro. “Discussion panels are so ‘Wolfeboro,’” Brittany Dube, the owner … Continue reading Magick (Ask a Witch) Press Release