“You should meditate for 20 minutes a day. Unless you’re too busy. Then you should meditate for an hour.”
– not a Buddha quote, probably


We live busy lives. Americans work hard and often. Mindfulness, meditation, & yoga have been proven to increase creativity & productivity while reducing stress & burnout. Why not offer it to your employees and see how far a calm mind can go?

Lunchtime Yoga

This 45-60 minute practice at your job can make all the difference. Brittany brings the mats, the music, and the peaceful vibes. Staff members get a break to clear their minds, move their bodies, and connect with their inner zen. It’s quick, easy, and effective.

Lesson styles are tailored to the age group, facility, and culture of the corporation. Brittany works with the group to create the most effective and enjoyable experience for all. Sometimes, we need more meditation and less movement; sometimes people just want to sweat. Whatever the practice, the outcome is the same, because, “yoga is the seat of meditation.”

Mindful Motivation & Team Building

An event to inspire change, deepen creativity, and transform culture!

Transformative events are Brittany’s specialty and passion. In a time when we need to intentionally promote inclusion, empathy, compassion, and emotional literacy, Brittany offers these large or small -group events to inspire personal responsibility and cultural change.

An interactive mix of movement, meditation, group discussion, and inspirational speaking, these events are high-impact, emotionally-moving, and deeply transformative. Brittany shares moments from her own personal and professional life and the skills she uses to stay creative, confident, and caring.

Get on the same team. Blast-off beyond limiting beLIEfs, obliterate obstacles, and learn to create with courage!