30 Days of Dreaming

an online dreamshop with Brittany Boles

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Dreams are real, we all have them, and they serve a profound purpose in our lives. Join Brittany Boles for this online dreamshop: learn to dream on purpose and create your life while you sleep.

Throughout the month of May, dreamers had access to a course in what Brittany is calling “dreamwork.” She guided lessons, meditations, and exercises aimed at learning how to remember, understand, and utilize our dreams for our greatest potential. Twice-weekly live videos, plus daily dream interpretation, mentoring, and conversation happened via an exclusive FaceBook group.

– established healthy sleep habits
– remembered dreams
– learned the meaning of dreams
– eliminated nightmares + stop recurring dreams
– dreamed on purpose
– better understand spiritual guidance
– met spirit guides
– gained closure on past trauma
– carried dreamwork into waking life

This one-of-a-kind dreamshop, which can be done at your own pace from the comfort and privacy of your own bed, took place LIVE in the month of May. Now that the content is there – videos, conversations, journal prompts, and more – Brittany is opening up the group to those who want to learn to dream at a discount.

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Meet Brittany, Magical Yoga Studio Owner, Reiki Master, Intuitive, Mentor

Magic is real, and it’s everything. Einstein said, “everything is energy;” what if magic is energy? Or, rather, what if “magic” is the way that energy interacts with itself, and our intrinsic ability to influence these interactions?

This is the foundation of Brittany’s philosophy and the basis of her whimsical, intelligent, and spiritual teaching style.

In addition to owning Magical Yoga studio in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Brittany Boles is an intuitive, yoga teacher, reiki master, author, and inspirational speaker who has been leading groups and mentoring individuals since 2012.

Learn more about Brittany on her website, BrittanyBoles.com