Energy Medicine Yoga & Reiki

Saturday, July 14 from 9-11am with Karen

Yoga…There’s a reason this holistic practice has been around for 5,000 years. Yoga by definition in Sanskrit means to yoke or unite body, mind and breath. With the inclusion of Energy Medicine into your practice you bring your energy into harmony and balance using techniques to clear, strengthen, coordinate and balance your energy systems (Meridians, Electrics, Aura, Radiant Circuits, Celtic Weave, Triple Warmer and The Five Elements).  Reiki is a form of energy work using spiritually guided life force energy. The Japanese word (Rei) means “Universal Life” and (Ki) which means “Energy.” This “laying of hands” brings about a sense of inner peace, relaxation, stress reduction, among other many benefits.

This two-hour magical journey unites the healing powers of Yoga, Energy Medicine Yoga and Reiki. Our bodies and intuition speak to us in so many ways, from feeling twinges of pain and/or intuitive nudges, but do we listen? Looking outside ourselves for answers and remedies is all too often the case even when the answers lie inside of you. Introduce yourselves to the language of your body and its energies. Your overall wellbeing (body, mind, spirit) starts with harmonious energy systems.

Class begins with a brief intention-setting, opening ceremony.  You will then be guided through an invigorating yoga flow integrated with empowering Energy Medicine techniques to clear, strengthen, coordinate and balance your energy systems. Finally, class will conclude with a guided meditation and Reiki infused Savasana with the inclusion of tuning forks.

Please bring a journal and writing utensil, an item for the altar and; of course, an open mind!

Magical Yoga is offering this amazing special event on Saturday, July 14th from 9:00-11:00 am.



Meet Karen

Karen has always been passionate about health and wellness. As a group fitness instructor for over 15 years, she enjoyed teaching energetic, physically challenging and empowering classes to her students. Realizing the positive effects of exercise mentally, physically and emotionally for herself, it has always been her mission to have her students leave class feeling better than when they walked through the door. Her first yoga class was her first day at yoga teacher training. It was this day she realized she had been teaching yoga all these years and never realized it. She would instruct her students to honor what you’re feeling-to not overdo, to lie down at the end of class, close their eyes and relax before leaving and even ending a Spin class with a visualization. The AHA! moments just kept on coming during YTT!

Learning and teaching yoga was a natural progression for Karen as she integrated all of her experiences as a group fitness instructor with yoga. Karen graduated Yoga Teacher Training in 2012 from YogaNH. Viewing yoga as a healing modality and to fulfill her spiritual/intuitive needs, she enrolled in a Reiki training to make hands on assists more meaningful and healing to her students. Energy Medicine Yoga has taken her practice and teaching to the next level. Karen’s keen interest in Reiki and Energy Medicine Yoga provides empowering options for all who attend. Karen passionately shares yoga and mindfulness with adults, teens and athletes welcoming all with a compassionate and authentic spirit in a safe, accepting environment. She offers public, semi-private, private classes as well as specialty classes integrating Reiki and Energy Medicine Yoga. Always teaching from her heart, Karen’s teaching style incorporates mindfulness, breath awareness, alignment, athleticism and a healthy dose of laughter.