Get-your-shiFt-together September

a 30-day online reset with Brittany Boles

So many times we get wrapped up in what we think we “should” be doing, how we “should” look, how we “should” eat . . . but this is a great disservice. There’s no perfect way to be you. Find your zen, then work your way back from that.

RESET your body, mind, & spirit with

  • A distance energy/card reading with Brittany
  • Weekly meal planning and ideas
  • Daily: movement, meditation, & nature
  • Self-reflection & goal setting
  • Establishing a holistic routine that FEELS LIKE YOU

Join Brittany for this thirty-day gentle reset of your flow. What better time than during equinox to evaluate and shift our focus, intent, and practice?

You don’t have to change loyalties to whatever your goals or systems already are – this is about getting back to you, what you want, and how you want to be. Brittany offers some of her own favorite tips and tricks, like yoga and a plant-based diet, but this – like everything in life – is just an option.

She’ll be offering live videos, resources, and conversation via a closed FaceBook group as well as a distance video-chat energy and card reading for everyone to gain clarity on their own evolution.

30 Days of support, community, encouragement, resources, and opportunities to align – that’s the GYST of our September vibe. Register by clicking “Buy Now” below to adjust your trajectory. $95 gives you access to everything online, including the energy & card reading.

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