Malas, Mantras, & Mushrooms

Saturday, January 26th at Viva Soul Studio

Om Mani Padme Hum – the jewel of the lotus lies within! Join Magical Yogi Brittany Boles for a self-care extravaganza at Viva Soul Studio.

We’ll drink amazingly healing mushroom tea while we each make and activate/energize/bless our own full mala (sacred necklace of 108 beads used for chanting), then experience the bliss of chanting together.

Sanskrit is the ancient, immensely powerful language of Yoga. Mantras are phrases with specific tones and intentions that have a profound impact on our energy fields and lives. There are mantras for abundance, peace, compassion, creativity, problem-solving . . . and anything else our hearts desire.

Bring home your mala, some mushroom tea, and a life-changing practice you can do anywhere. Brittany is offering this event at 11am on Saturday, January 26th at 11am in Wolfeboro at Viva Soul Studio. The cost, including all materials, is $55. Pre-registration is required (because we need enough “lotus jewels” for everyone)!