New Moon Knowing

Metaphysical Discussion Panels

Our world is waking up.

The New Moon is an opportunity to turn inward & discover deep, perhaps even hidden, truths.  At this time, we will come together to uncover different facets of reality.

Magical Yoga is hosting a series of discussion panels to break open our access to deep, ancient wisdom.

Bring your questions to our panels of experts.  Pick the topics that most intrigue you – or come to all of them.  We’ll learn and grow together, create community, and shake up what we think we know.

“What you seek is also seeking you.” – Rumi

Here’s a peek at the dates & topics:

January 17th – Manifesting
February 16th – Magick (Ask a Witch)
March 16th – Extra Terrestrials
April 16th – Alternative Health
May 18th – Energy & Metaphysics