New Moon Knowing:  Metaphysical Discussion Panels

Extra Terrestrials – Friday, March 16th at 6:30 pm

A different kind of little green man.

Extra terrestrials (ETs) play a major role in earthly life, and have for millennia.  From ancient aliens to the light-beings that are communicating through human channels today, non-human people always have been interested in our lives.  We are just as interested in theirs!

Find out what types of extra terrestrial beings visit our planet, what roles they play, how people interact with them, and what their motivations are.  Learn how different groups have varying attitudes and agendas, and why these non-earth people are so important.  Do aliens look like us? How do they communicate? What message do they have for humanity – and why do we need to heed it?

Our panel of humans are well-versed in ET, UFO, and other-planetary knowledge.  Bring us your questions, but leave the tinfoil hats at home.

Magical Yoga is hosting this New Moon Knowing Discussion Panel on Extra Terrestrials on Friday, March 16th at 6:30pm in the downtown Wolfeboro studio.  All ages are welcome.  Tickets are $15 by clicking “Buy Now” below, or may be available at the door.  Pre-registration is appreciated.

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Meet the Panel!

 Raecine | Owl Moon

A shamanic healer, priestess, and psychic medium, reclaiming and reuniting the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine, embracing the “Hero’s Journey” fully, is Raecine’s passionate life purpose.

Extensive training under Stacey Sky Wolf Gibbons, Laurie Levity Farrell and Alana Fairchild, have led Raecine to her current path as a shamanic Reiki master teacher, and a joyous psychic medium. With over 9 years in professional practice, assisting others to open up to their most authentic, empowered self through a variety of energetic techniques and experiential work brings deep fulfillment to both her practice and personal path. Her YouTube channel is a trusted source for all things esoteric and tarot related in the spiritual community and her intuitive gatherings, workshops, and sessions offer healing and balance in both the online and in-person spiritual communities, as well.

Combining energy work and shamanic healing techniques, such as toning, breath work and Reiki with the subtle depth of restorative yoga allows for a gentle, yet no less intense, experience that offers healing on multiple levels.  Exploring this practice with Brittany of Magical Yoga brings about infinite possibilities, and exciting opportunities for expansion and growth.

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 Brittany | Magical Yoga

Magic is real, and it’s everything. Einstein said, “everything is energy;” what if magic is energy? Or, rather, what if “magic” is the way that energy interacts with itself, and our intrinsic ability to influence these interactions?

This is the foundation of Brittany’s philosophy and the basis of her whimsical, intelligent, and spiritual teaching style.

In addition to owning Magical Yoga studio in Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, Brittany Boles is an intuitive, yoga teacher, reiki master, author, and inspirational speaker who has been leading groups and mentoring individuals since 2012.

Her message to the world is clear: we are powerful and loving, and together we are creating a new reality. Her idealism has been honed in the fire of trauma and tragedy; Brittany’s early life included homelessness, all forms of abuse, addiction, and mental illness. Yet, throughout it all, she developed her own personal power and sought a path of ancient spiritual truth.

Her yoga teacher training (after ten years of personal practice) confirmed yoga as a vehicle for unlocking the potential of the human spirit.  Yoga is the seat of meditation, and it is here that one has access to the Higher Self and pure potentiality of the universe.

From founding an international nonprofit organization to partnering with New Hampshire schools, Brittany has cultivated compassion, inspiration, and healing throughout her professional life. Yoga club, art galleries, publishing her first book, and women’s empowerment are just a few of her current passion projects.

A powerful personal story and vast life experience make for a perspective that is all Brittany; with honesty, empathy, and an unapologetic commitment to the idea that we get to create our own story, she leads by example.

Daosith | Planet Earth

Daosith had a spiritual awakening in 2016. He always felt there is more to our existence than the endeavor of materials. This belief has led him on a path to understand his own self. Through his process he has developed his own truth.

He believes we are entering a wonderful time for Humanity. A time of drastic change and empowerment. We are receiving vast amount of help NOW. Some of the help is coming from “higher” conscious beings, such as ETs, whom are here to assist us through this ascension process.