New Moon Knowing:  Metaphysical Discussion Panels

Magick:  Ask a Witch – Friday, February 16th at 6:30 pm

Ancient secrets survived the fires.

Witchcraft has been hunted and persecuted through the ages because people were taught to fear the power of magick – that alone is testament to the reality of the practice.  Blessedly, this wisdom has been passed on and continues to thrive today.

On a weekend full of mass-marketing flowers, hearts, and candy, why not fall in love with a different kind of magic?

Meet three witches, Victoria, Angela, and Jeremy, who have studied and practiced magick in harmony with nature for many years.  They are out in the open and unafraid to answer your questions about the ancient beauty of magick.

Bring all of your questions! Are fairies real? What’s the purpose of a wand? What is the difference between black and white magick? They are willing to answer them – and to share with you their love of the earth (which is really the basis of the practice, after all.

Learn about a red candle you won’t find at Hallmark.

Magical Yoga is hosting this New Moon Knowing Discussion Panel on Magick on Friday, February 16th at 6:30pm in the downtown Wolfeboro studio.  All ages are welcome.  Tickets are $15 by clicking “Buy Now” below, or may be available at the door.  Pre-registration is appreciated.

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Meet the Panel!

 Victoria | Fire Flowers Living Art

Victoria has been a solitary Witch throughout her life. She believes that beauty is intrinsic to the soul and enjoys experiencing what the natural world has to offer in way of beauty, healing, understanding, and magick.

She understands the importance of shadow work and being in touch with our darker sides. The cycles of nature have taught her about birth, life, and death that she has integrated into her own practice.

During the day Victoria can be found creating beauty with plants and flowers at her shop, Fire Flowers Living Art. In the evenings she can often be found wandering the woods on her property and taking notice of how glorious things look in moonlight.



 Angela | Simply Sacred

Angela has been a practicing witch for almost 20 years, ever since a 7th grade social studies project spurred her to learn more about other cultures and mythologies to fill the void of growing up without any religion. Witchcraft and Paganism came naturally and easily to her; since an early age, she gravitated towards the mystical, the magical, and the weird. Days were spent hunting faeries in the bushes and ghosts in the nearby graveyard. Plastic juice bottles filled with plant material were a frequent sight in her play areas; she claimed it was her “herb collection”. Eventually she began studying actual herbalism; an enthusiastic amateur gardener, Angela developed relationships with plant allies in middle school and has only continued growing and learning since. Friends always said her hands were healing, and that eventually led her to pursue holistic wellness as a career – with a magickal, spiritual twist.

Currently, she’s the owner of Simply Sacred, a small business where she practices bodywork, energy work and herbalism in downtown Nashua. Angela created and operates Modern Day Magick, a quickly growing Facebook community (and soon, real life retreats!) filled with modern day magick makers from all walks of life that come together to talk and learn about all things witchy. She offers apprenticeships in her own earth-based flavor of Reiki, and personal mentorship opportunities to those just starting out on their magickal and spiritual journeys.

She lives in Nashua with her husband (a budding Pagan himself!), daughter, cat, and a host of plant, animal, and spirit allies. She still likes to hunt for faeries and ghosts in her spare time – but they tend to come to her much easier now. You can find her on the web at, on Facebook and Instagram @simplysacredwellness, and in her exclusive magickal Facebook group at

 Jeremy | Alana’s Father

My name is Jeremy Wheeler. I am a chef by profession and the father of a lovely 4-year-old named Alana.

I discovered the Wicca belief system during my time in the US Navy and have followed it for about 17 years.  I studied through the Correllian Nativist Church of America based in Hoopston, IL.  I attained my 1st degree in 2004 and my 2nd degree in 2008.  I’m currently studying for the 3rd, and final, degree but have chosen not to go through the testing and finals to attain such, as the church then requires that I start my own local temple.

My beliefs and studies have taken me to the place I feel is right for myself and my daughter. In my free time I love to enjoy nature and the outdoors with my little girl and we enjoy reading and artsy activities.