The dream world is a mysterious and magical place! Dream work is an important, valuable tool for self-discovery and growth, and can become a playground for our spiritual development.

Recurring dreams are lessons given to us by our Guides or our Higher Self.  They tend not to go away until we interpret them and act on the message or lesson held within.

Nightmares are generally not about whatever they “seem” to be – instead, they are emotionally-charged messages that we’ve missed in waking or dreaming life, full of symbols meant to be interpreted and understood.  Like recurring dreams, these will stop when we come to grasp their meaning.

Lucid dreaming, or the ability to “dream walk” or “control” our dreams is a spiritual gift that offers many wonders, and should be explored with access to experienced teachers and/or resources.

Brittany has had over a decade of experience with dream work, and is available to interpret dreams of any kind or offer guidance for fledgling lucid dreamers.  Services are available remotely or in person, and are priced accordingly.

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