Yoga helps kids self-regulate, listen to their bodies, cope with stress, stay focused, and maintain healthier, happier attitudes. Brittany has been developing children’s programming in schools for over five years.

Yoga in Schools

Add yoga to your weekly curriculum, like the Magic Moments Preschool class did at the Wolfeboro Area Children’s Center! Brittany comes in for 30-60 minute sessions each week to teach mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.

Lesson plans are tailored to the age group, facility, and culture of the class. Brittany has worked with children age 3-18, and loves each group for different reasons.

After-School Yoga

Create an after-school yoga club or mindfulness group like New Durham Elementary’s Earth Keepers program!

Brittany comes each week after school for an hour of yoga instruction, meditation, creative and fun activities, and personal empowerment. Kids play games like “Truth or Pose” that help them increase their emotional vocabulary and empathy while learning about their own best coping practices.

This type of programming works great for older elementary through high-school aged children.

Assemblies & Events

Transformative events are Brittany’s specialty and passion. In a time when we need to intentionally promote inclusion, empathy, compassion, and emotional literacy, Brittany offers school-wide or large-group events to inspire personal responsibility and cultural change.

An interactive mix of movement, meditation, group discussion, and inspirational speaking, these events are high-impact, emotionally-moving, and deeply transformative. Brittany shares moments from her own adolescence and the skills she used to overcome impossible odds – and she invites kids to share their own stories and come together as a community.

This type of program is ideal for middle and high school aged students.