Reiki & Restore with Brittany & Raecine

Saturday, March 3rd at 10:30am

Cultivating our sense of inner peace and joy is of utmost importance.  Let us discover and embrace that which we have inside, and rest in our own sacred innermost joy. Restorative Yoga is the deeply relaxing process of laying comfortably on blankets and bolsters while the body processes and releases tension on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Energy healing will be offered by Shamanic Healer & Priestess Raecine Ardis as well as Reiki Master Brittany Boles (read more about the practitioners below) while Brittany leads emotionally, physiologically, and spiritually balancing restorative yoga postures and meditation.  Space is limited; pre-register to ensure a spot.  $40 per person by clicking “Buy Now” below.

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Raecine Ardis

A shamanic healer, priestess, and psychic medium, reclaiming and reuniting the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine, embracing the “Hero’s Journey” fully, is Raecine’s passionate life purpose.

Extensive training under Stacey Sky Wolf Gibbons, Laurie Levity Farrell and Alana Fairchild, have led Raecine to her current path as a shamanic Reiki master teacher, and a joyous psychic medium. With over 9 years in professional practice, assisting others to open up to their most authentic, empowered self through a variety of energetic techniques and experiential work brings deep fulfillment to both her practice and personal path. Her YouTube channel is a trusted source for all things esoteric and tarot related in the spiritual community and her intuitive gatherings, workshops, and sessions offer healing and balance in both the online and in-person spiritual communities, as well.

Combining energy work and shamanic healing techniques, such as toning, breath work and Reiki with the subtle depth of restorative yoga allows for a gentle, yet no less intense, experience that offers healing on multiple levels.  Exploring this practice with Brittany of Magical Yoga brings about infinite possibilities, and exciting opportunities for expansion and growth.

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