Rest and Renew

Restorative, Reiki, & Massage on Monday, April 2nd at 6pm

Rest and renew your body, mind, and spirit with restorative postures, massage therapists, and Reiki, and powerful energy healing in one special session at Magical Yoga.

Four transformational practitioners, Brittany Boles, Raecine Ardis, Deb Harkins, and Joy Jones will offer amazing forms of physical and energetic rejuvenation while Brittany leads us in oh-so-restorative postures, breath, and meditation.  Keep reading to learn more about these powerful light workers.

Tickets are only $45. Click “Buy Now” below to reserve your spot. These events tend to sell out.

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Raecine Ardis

A shamanic healer, priestess, and psychic medium, reclaiming and reuniting the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Masculine, embracing the “Hero’s Journey” fully, is Raecine’s passionate life purpose.

Extensive training under Stacey Sky Wolf Gibbons, Laurie Levity Farrell and Alana Fairchild, have led Raecine to her current path as a shamanic Reiki master teacher, and a joyous psychic medium. With over 9 years in professional practice, assisting others to open up to their most authentic, empowered self through a variety of energetic techniques and experiential work brings deep fulfillment to both her practice and personal path. Her YouTube channel is a trusted source for all things esoteric and tarot related in the spiritual community and her intuitive gatherings, workshops, and sessions offer healing and balance in both the online and in-person spiritual communities, as well.

Combining energy work and shamanic healing techniques, such as toning, breath work and Reiki with the subtle depth of restorative yoga allows for a gentle, yet no less intense, experience that offers healing on multiple levels.  Exploring this practice with Brittany of Magical Yoga brings about infinite possibilities, and exciting opportunities for expansion and growth.

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 Joy Jones

 Joy is a massage therapist with 18 years experience. She was initiated into the 2nd degree of Usui Reiki system of healing soon after becoming an LMT. She infuses powerful healing Reiki into her sessions.

Joy is passionate about yoga, first introduced to yoga in her late teens. Yoga is central to her life and has provided balance, flexibility and equanimity for 2 decades.




Deb Harkins

Deborah Harkins, LMT, RYT is a 2014 graduate of Rasamaya teacher training, under Carrie Tyler and Brie Burbank. Rasamaya is a heavily anatomy based yoga practice for everyone! She is also a massage therapist of 8 years, which brings a deep compassion and understanding of human anatomy which helps to keep her students without injury. She has experience teaching yoga to all ages and abilities, and is a devoted practitioner of yoga for many years!

“Become the master of your own starship!” – Deb, on what yoga teaches us

“Yoga shouldn’t hurt. I’m not here to hurt you!” – also Deb, on yoga and massaging


Brittany Boles

Magical Yoga studio owner Brittany Boles is an intuitive, a yoga teacher, reiki master, author, and inspirational speaker who has been leading groups and mentoring individuals since 2012.

From founding an international nonprofit organization to partnering with New Hampshire schools, Brittany has cultivated compassion, inspiration, and healing throughout her professional life.

Her yoga teacher training (after ten years of personal practice) confirmed yoga as a vehicle for unlocking the potential of the human spirit. Yoga is the seat of meditation, and it is here that one has access to the Higher Self and pure potentiality of the universe.

Passion for writing and speaking compliments Brittany’s services. In addition to flow classes, she leads original guided meditations and Yoga Nidra journeys and offers inspirational events and workshops for audiences of all ages.

A powerful personal story and vast life experience make for a perspective that is all Brittany; with honesty, empathy, and an unapologetic commitment to the idea that we get to create our own story, she leads by example.