Frumpy Funky Flow for Awkward Beginners

Monday nights in January and February 2018

… get your ffffab on

Yes . . . this is real.  Let’s learn to yoga together! A totally back-to-basics class for everyone who has ever felt too much (or not enough) for yoga.

Yoga is about finding peace within.  It’s not about being ultra-flexible, super-strong, or bendy-beautiful.  Yoga is for everyone; it really, really is.

Together, we will grow.  We’ll talk about all the parts of the practice:  mind, breath, body, and spirit.  We’ll learn the poses together, and all the ways to modify them for YOUR body.  It’s about being your most authentic self – the youest you you can be.

Wear your ripped up, splattered, stained, baggy or too-tight, frumpy, old, or new workout clothes (or PJs, or sweats, or WTF ever you want).  Wear all the makeup or none at all or maybe whatever is left over from last night.  Dudes, don’t even worry about it.  Come as you are.

Sign up for the whole series – 8 weeks – and then you’ll be ready to take your FFFFAB self into future classes at Magical Yoga and absolutely anywhere else your heart desires! Or just drop in for a few.  But you save money AND become part of the Ffffab tribe if you do the whole thing 😉

Register soon!

Classes are 90 minutes each, on Mondays in January and February 2018 from 7-8:30pm.

$12 per class x 8 classes = $96 total . . . BUT if you pre-register for the entire series, you can get it for just $80 – that’s only ten dollars a class!

Click Buy Now below to pre-register for all 8 classes for just $80!*

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*If cost is a barrier, please email to work something out.  Yoga is important; it should be accessible.